Mental health day and chronic illness

So I’ve caught some crap this week for posting some things on my Facebook page that apparently got people excited that I may harm myself. The fact of the matter was I wanted to get your attention and apparently that worked for some people. I had a couple people reach out to me and even a couple others to my daughter.

Today is world mental health day. Yes I am struggling. I’m struggling physically, mentally and financially each and every day. Over the past two years I’ve done some very intense counseling sessions which thankfully have helped me get through a lot of the bad times. There is no magic pill that will fix everything. Even if there was it would cost a fortune and I’m sure my insurance wouldn’t cover it. So we do the best we can trying to move forward each and every day without having to retreat much.

Pretty much everything I posted in the last week were song lyrics. Most of the time they just give an expression of how I’m feeling at the time or say something that I’m trying to get across. Yes I have had to deal with a lot of shit the last few years. Honestly it even goes back many more years. But the last few years I’ve been like an avalanche of snow. Everybody at times struggles and how you come out on the other side depends on many factors. The old saying take a walk in my shoes and maybe you can understand better is significant. I’ve said before I don’t expect people to completely understand while I go through but I also don’t want them to judge me because of what I’m going through.

I’m sure we all knew somebody who is struggling. The year 2020 has definitely presented a different challenge and caused a lot of stress. Instead of bitching about he or she or the left or the right why don’t we all just work together to get through it. I challenge everyone to reach out to at least one person each day for the next week, month or even year and just check on them or say hi. Maybe somebody you haven’t talk to you for a while or maybe it’s somebody you know who is struggling right now because of a recent loss, an illness or maybe a job loss. You might be surprised the impact it will have. As those at the Nike corporation would say “just do it “


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