Tiger won’t play golf again??? OMG

I will probably take some shit over this blog but I got nothing to lose.

First let me say that I absolutely hated hearing the news that Tiger Woods was in an accident. As severe as his injuries were I’m glad he wasn’t hurt worse or even worse killed. I’ve watched Tiger grow up through the years playing golf and admired his game. He’s worked hard for what he’s got and absolutely deserves it. I would love to see him be able to play again at a professional level and compete in the tournaments.

So what is my rant about? Tiger has struggled the last few years with ongoing injuries mainly with his knee or back. It’s well documented every time he has a medical procedure and how this is going to affect him and his golf game. Golf for Tiger is his job. That’s where he goes to work. He’s very good at his job and makes a lot of money. Because he is good he also gets a lot of extra endorsements and such. Is this the end of his job? It might be the end of part of his job but certainly not all of his job. He has many other branches of his job that he can do. He just might not be able to compete at the highest level anymore. And was he at fault for the accident and cause this problem? I don’t know?

I can relate to some of what Tiger is going through. No I was not in a horrible accident involving a car but I still had an injury that cost me my job. It’s been almost 13 years that I injured my knee on a structure fire during a huge snowstorm. Was I at fault for my injury? Nope, it just happened. 15 inches of snow and 2 houses on fire had a little something to do with it. I was just doing my job! Little did I know how that knee injury was going to impact my job and basically ruined my career and my health. Over the course of the next few years I ended up having three surgeries on my knee. Eventually that led to getting cortisone shots which I’m convinced caused my pancreatic attacks. If you don’t believe me look it up, it’s a side effect and the timing was way too obvious two times in a row. Workers Comp knows all however so how can they be wrong? You are just a number and they don’t care. Even sadder yet is that my employer fought against my claim. Thanks for having my back!

So how do I compare this to Tiger, well it basically ended up costing me my job. No more firefighting for me. The bad thing was there were no jobs to go to after that because of my health. It’s been a huge struggle physically and mentally. The pay at the fire Department was good but certainly not anywhere near the range of what professional golfers make. And especially Tiger Woods. He could easily make more money in one week that I would make in 20 years. Needless to say I don’t think Tigers hurting for money. Because I was forced out of my job because of my health I was not able to retire when I wanted to. I didn’t have any endorsements for extra money. Because of all this it caused a lot of financial hardships. The latest one being that I don’t have any health insurance. I’m sure Tiger still keeps his health insurance easily. I’ll trade 2 broken legs for my issues any day of the week.

The whole purpose of this is the frustration of how we idolize certain people and especially athletes. They work hard and deserve what they get. But why is everybody so consumed about him being injured and possibly never playing golf again. He is alive!  Yet it was no big deal for a firefighter to be injured and lose his job. Maybe one day it might even be a firefighter that helped pull Tiger out of the wreckage? What if one of them had an injury pulling Tiger out and it let to them losing their job? What if that injury led to other serious health problems? Who knows? I guess it’s just amazing to me how we put people up certain on a pedestal but yet so many look down upon the firefighters, police officers, military personnel or others. Just get brushed aside and told to smile and make the best of it. I can’t even swing a golf club at this point because of the pain let alone being able to afford a round of golf.

Life isn’t fair, yes I know this well. Yes I still have some anger and bitterness over losing my job and what happened. I’m not sure that will ever go away.


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