Tears on my pillow

The tears on my pillow that nobody sees

Sadness that falls like leaves from the trees

Each and every night like a clock ready to chime

It always happens right around bedtime

Flowing freely, they stream down my cheek

Streaming from my eyes, there must be a leak

Taking the short path to the pillow on my bed

If you look closely, it makes my eyes turn red

Like a leaky faucet sometimes they drip off my nose

As the gut retching agony reaches my toes

Sometimes the tears, they get caught in my beard

Occasionally I use my hand and they get smeared

Nobody understands the pain I have deep inside

All the years of agony and strain I’ve tried to hide

Some nights the wound is too much to regulate

Tired and exhausted from fighting there is no debate

Many nights it is the never-ending pain

That makes my tears fall down like rain

Other nights could be loneliness that primes the well

Some nights I have no clue what causes this hell

My mind is wound up with thoughts of sadness

Why do I deserve all this horrible madness?

Nobody knows that tears flow at wee hours of the morning

My pillow soaks them up as they come without warning

Falling to the fabric, the tears leave their trail of despair

Sleep is erratic, broken down into a horrible nightmare

Bruised and battered, will my tears ever stop

Or will the storm clouds gather with more rain drops


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