Confidence in medicine?

OK I know medicine is a practice. Many times it is an educated guess of what is going on. Believe me over the last 8 years, they have guessed many times what is going on with my body. I do a better job guessing. I understand they don’t know everything.

I decided to write this blog because I’ve heard to many stories about misread cat scans, not reading the charts or not listening. Yes I have had this happen to me while in the hospital or at an office visit. I had yet another friend tell me that after having a CT scan, they were told they still have a pancreas and or spleen even after having them completely removed. According to the report, “the pancreas looks normal”. “Spleen is unremarkable”.  Makes you wonder what they are looking at. CT scans are not a great way to look at the pancreas but to claim the pancreas and spleen are still there??? One doctor claimed that they can grow back??? Hummmm. I know the liver can regenerate but I can’t find anything about the pancreas or spleen regenerating. Most people who have pancreatitis get a CT scan. If you have more issues you will get an EUS, Endoscopic Ultasound. Even this way of looking at the pancreas has limitations but is supposed to be the best way to see the pancreas. My EUS was a great example of that. It showed no damage but when I had the operation to remove it, it was severely damaged.

I guess the thing I wonder is, what are they looking at? Because how they treat you depends on many tests or scans, misreading them can cause big problems. I had my pancreas taken out but the doctor reads the CT and it says I have one. Well what is the Dr. going to think and believe? Gone are the days when most doctors would take an interest in your condition and help figure it out. If you have multiple problems, you will have multiple doctors and in todays world of electronics you would think they could communicate. My experience is they don’t or they will say it isn’t my specialty.  Hospitalists that don’t read the chart let alone know anything about your condition. Prescribe a medication one day and ask why you are on it two days later. Most of them won’t listen to you. Visit the doctor office and you get your 15 minutes and out the door you go.

This is not to bash or say all medical people don’t do their jobs. I have many friends who work in the medical field and do a fantastic job. As I get older and deal longer with chronic conditions the less confidence I have in how things are done. Is this because of the direction medicine is going? Sadly the almighty dollar I believe plays to much of a factor in the care you get and how much medicines cost.


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